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Sakura (by Hamachi!)


Pokemon of the week on Pokegraph

oh yeah i got asked again if i needed an under 12 discount i shoulda taken that shit i should see how often i can get it

hi im lorl and i miss my gf



Ten Major Artists:

Wong Wong & Lu Lu

Wong Wong & Lulu

Pepper gazing into the mirror before a self-portrait

Pepper examining himself before commencing a self-portrait

Pepper painting his self-portrait

Pepper’s self-portrait


Tiger the spontaneous reductionist

Misty in action

Misty goes off the wall

Minnie: abstract expressionist

Minnie, the abstract expressionist

Minnies finished work

Minnie’s Reindeer in Provence, 1992.

Smokey contemplating

Smokey painting after an hour in the catnip patch

Smokey painting after an hour in the catnip patch

Smokey at work

Ginger's 'Stripped Bare Birds', 1992.

Ginger’s Stripped Bare Birds, 1992.

Princess' 'Regularly Ridiculed Rodents', 1993.

Princess, the elemental fragmentist

Charlie the peripheral realist

Charlie, the peripheral realist

this literally makes me so happy


Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.


it smells like blood


it smells like blood

me: *blushing furiously*
friend: omg ur so red what are u thinking about
me: s-s-s-s-
friend: sex?
me: sports anime
ペダル by あくつみ
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